Daycare Notices & Policies


Maximum Child Notice

Our family includes 6 children ages: 3, 5, 8, 13, 13, and 14. Per CA licensing, my 3 younger children (10 and under) count towards my maximum capacity of 8 children under my care. At any give time, there may be up to 11 children present in our home. 


“Children are a gift from the Lord”

Psalm 127:3

Food Policy


Children are provided breakfast, 2 snacks, and lunch. Meals are primarily homecooked along with fresh fruit and vegetables. Trained on the newest 2016 nutritional guidelines. Please inform me right away of any food allergies to try and accommodate needs. 


Food from home:

You may send your child with meals or extra snacks from home at any time. Disposable containers and Ziploc bags are highly encouraged. Please make sure that food is labeled with the child's name and date. 


Special diets:

Children who are on special diets will need their own meals and snacks under their parent’s responsibility. Please make sure that food is labeled with the child's name and date. 

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Supplies/ Equipment & Napping

 Supplies and Equipment:

 Parents are responsible for providing: 

  • 2 extra outfits per day for each child in care

  • Baby bottles and desired formula for 1 month (Kirkland brand formula will be stocked in case of emergencies)

  • Diapers and/ or pull ups of preference 

  • Wipes of choice 1x month (will be included in general daycare supply) 

  • Bathing suit and sunscreen for summer days (wading pool will be used on occasion)


Sleeping, napping or resting will be held primarily in our playroom. Infants (2 months- 1 year) will be placed to sleep on their backs with their faces uncovered. Pacifiers are permitted to soothe infants as long as there are no clips attached to them. Infants will have a baby sleep log and monitored every 15 minutes. Mattresses will only include a fitted sheet that will be washed or exchanged daily. No pillows, blankets or toys will be in the sleeping area. All other children (2-6 years) will rest or nap on either a cot or resting mat. Cots and mats will be sanitized daily and bedding will be washed or exchanged daily as applicable. 

Payment & Overtime Policy

Payment Policy: 

Weekly payments are due on Fridays or the last day of that week’s child care. Payments that are late will require an additional fee of $10.00 per day. Methods of payment are accepted as either cash or check. Any returned check will have an additional fee of $20.00. Please make checks payable to Maria E. Finner. 


Over-Time Fee Policy:

We understand life happens and sometimes it can delay your child’s pick- up time. If you expect a late pick up, please give us a phone call right away as fees may be waived. Unarranged late pick- ups will require a fee of $5.00 for every 15 minutes late per child. 

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